Our Story

Founded on Home Values
“When people ask: ‘What’s your story?’ All I can say is that it started at home, with home, and for home.” –Charles Lovejoy, Owner/Maker
Raised by a single mother of four, who dedicated her life to serving her community, Charles Lovejoy adopted the philanthropic mindset at a very young age. Following in his mother’s footsteps, Charles knew that anything he did in the for-profit world would be matched in effort in the nonprofit arena.
The Happy Gnome
The Happy Gnome, a favored local bar and eatery in St.Paul, MN, used the first version of Charles' original Bloody Mary recipe as it's house mix and eight others of his specialty fusions to fuel their weekend ‘Build-Your-Own’ Bloody Mary bar. This segued into inspiring entrepreneurism! With home being a bar where Charles sold his first bottle, Lovejoy’s took off.
Our Partner Organizations
Our vision is to inspire all businesses to institute responsible giving into the work that they do. We do our part by collaborating with or donating to the nonprofits listed.
If you want to join our social responsibility journey, contribute time or money to these amazing organizations.