Meet Charles Lovejoy

Charles Lovejoy, at the age of 18 with his high school sweetheart expecting their first child, made the decision to be an engaged and present father who contributed to his son, Donovan’s, life.
Raised by a single mom with three other children, Charles was modeled sacrifice, love, and dedication. He dispelled ideas of attending post-secondary institutions and followed his siblings, by working in the food service industry. The flexible hours and steady influx of cash from tips enabled him to be a stellar dad and provided a comfortable lifestyle. Yet, he watched as his mother, who devoted her life to curtailing family homelessness, struggle with sustainable funding.
He was reconciling how easily tips came and how difficult consistent individual donorship was for his mother; the dichotomy stuck with him. Inspired by his mother, he supported her every step of her journey as she founded and built St. Paul’s only day center for families with children who were experiencing all of the devastating effects of poverty.
Soon after, Charles met and married his love, Sara. They had two amazing children; and felt the pressures of everyday life. Charles had dedicated decades of perfecting his signature mixes behind the bar with thousands of patrons weighing in.
The most perfect Bloody blends were indeed born. Still, Charles second-guessed his path. But with support from his friends and family, tons of product accolades, local grants, community interest in buying his products, and an investment from his sister, Susanne, Lovejoy’s Bloody Mary Mix, Inc. was born. And when it was…
…so was a hard-working, eager to learn, entrepreneurial, philanthropic boss!
Greatness was always in him, but because of his mother, Charles never forgot that at the core of his brand, there had to be a give back component built into every dollar he made. With that notion, Lovejoy’s Brand became an SBC, donating quarterly to nonprofit organizations that support in-risk youth.
The journey is far from over!
Lovejoy’s – Raising the Bar on Brunch!