Brand New LBMM Blog!

Brand New LBMM Blog!

Hello, and welcome to the brand new Lovejoy’s Bloody Mary Mix Blog!  Whether you’re a friend or family member, long time customer or new to our products, we hope you find something that fits your interests on this site.

Lovejoysbrand was founded on these pillars: COMMUNITY, PHILANTHROPY, QUALITY and FAMILY.  We take these pillars very seriously and they are involved in all of the decisions we make.

COMMUNITY - We are proud of our St.Paul, Rondo Ave. roots.  We look to support and connect with other like minded people and businesses in our community.  Lovejoysbrand is built by The Community, for The Community.

PHILANTHROPY - We give back!  Monetarily a percentage of every classic Lovejoy's Bloody Mary bottle sold goes to organizations whose missions are to uplift and heal our cities.  Philanthropy was an essential part of our family  life growing up and this spirit lives on in LBMM.  We aim to not only give back, but also to inspire others to do the same.

QUALITY - We use only the highest quality ingredients.  Every batch of our products are tested, tasted and approved by our founder Charles Lovejoy.  That quality extends to all the people who help make, package and sell our products.  We strive for the highest quality in both our products and our people.


FAMILY - Lovejoysbrand was founded for and by family.  Susanne and Charles Lovejoy are committed to carrying on the Lovejoy legacy that was started decades ago by their mother who spent 20+ years helping house and feed some of our community’s most vulnerable.  We believe that family is the heart that feeds all the other values core to Lovejoysbrand.

Now that you know more about about Lovejoysbrand, let us share with you a little of what you can expect on our site.  Here you’ll be kept up to date on everything relating to LBMM and our other delicious products, be the first to know about our exciting contests and giveaways, learn more about the charities we’ve committed to helping, enjoy tantalizing dishes with delicious recipes, as well as find find deep-dives into various topics like the ingredients we use, the fine establishments where you can find us, global experiences, local minutia and a whole lot more!  And if you’re a heat enthusiast, we’ll definitely be covering some of the ingredients which go into our Burn Yo Face Hot Sauce, which packs more punch than the Charlo vs Castano fight!

Time is precious and we both appreciate and value yours!  You can expect about 3, interesting and informative posts per week which take about 5 minutes to read, in addition to shorter entries about maker’s markets we’re participating, specialty boxes we’re featured in, competitions, giveaways and new products!  If you’re short on time, you’ll be able to find a summary on our Facebook page

Thank you, dear reader, and if you’re enjoying our products, our mission, our brand or our site, be sure to subscribe and share with a friend or family member you think would enjoy Lovejoysbrand.  

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